Usage Instructions

How to Use the HOLEVAC

Once the HOLEVAC fence post digger has been assembled, position the digging attachment at the desired location and power on the shop vac.

Apply gentle downward pressure as you rotate the HOLEVAC in a circular motion, allowing it to penetrate the soil. The shop vac’s suction power will remove the excavated soil, creating a clean and precise hole. Use the included bubble level on the HOLEVAC’s handle to ensure the tool stays perfectly upright while digging.

If the digging location is very compact, use a heavy bar or rod to loosen up the area where you want to dig. You may need to repeat this process depending on where you are excavating.

HOLEVAC bubble level in handle
Use the bubble level to help keep the HOLEVAC straight

Adjust the pressure and motion as needed to reach the desired depth. The depth indicators on the tube will show you how far down you have gone.

Once finished, power off the shop vac and detach the HOLEVAC.

For troubleshooting, see our FAQs page.

Use the included indicators to determine depth