The Ultimate Fence Post Hole Digger Tool

Introducing the revolutionary HOLEVAC, the ultimate fence post hole digger tool that will transform the way you tackle your hole-digging projects. By attaching seamlessly to your shop vac, the HOLEVAC digger tool combines power and precision to conquer any digging task effortlessly.

Say goodbye to traditional methods that leave behind piles of dirt, damage surrounding plant roots, and strain your back and arms. With HOLEVAC, you’ll enjoy a new level of efficiency, safety, and convenience, making it the go-to tool for all your hole-digging needs. Shop vac excavation has never been easier!

Perfect For:

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    Fence Posts
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    Planting Trees
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    Deck Foundations
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    Water Lines

See the HOLEVAC in Action

How it Works

The HOLEVAC connects to your shop vac to create an ingenious vacuum post hole digger that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Once attached, simply press the HOLEVAC down firmly into the soil and rotate, allowing the suction of the shop vac to suck up the excavated soil. It’s an ideal tool for installing fence posts, underground pipes and deck footings or use it in the garden to plant flowers, shrubs or trees.

Discover the joy of creating clean, well-defined holes without the hassle. The HOLEVAC is your ticket to professional-quality digging, leaving you more time to focus on bringing your projects to life.

Person using the HOLEVAC fence post hole digger

Key Features & Benefits

No Pile of Dirt to Remove

Unlike traditional hole digging tools, the HOLEVAC eliminates the need for manual dirt removal.

The powerful suction of the attached shop vac efficiently sucks up the excavated soil, leaving no messy piles behind.

Say goodbye to the laborious task of shovelling and hauling away dirt, saving you time and effort.

Reduce Back & Arm Strain

Tackling digging projects can be physically demanding and can put strain on your back and arms.

The innovative design of the HOLEVAC takes the burden off your body, as the shop vac does the heavy lifting.

Simply guide the HOLEVAC while the vacuum’s suction power efficiently excavates the soil, minimizing strain and fatigue.

Plant Friendly

The precision of the HOLEVAC ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding plant roots.

Traditional digging methods often result in accidental damage to nearby vegetation, causing harm and hindering growth.

With the HOLEVAC, you can dig holes with confidence, knowing that the root systems of your plants will remain intact.

Great for Tight Spaces

With the HOLEVAC, tight spaces are no longer a challenge.

Its compact and maneuverable design allows you to dig holes in areas where traditional tools may struggle to reach.

Whether you’re working in a narrow corner of your garden or installing fence posts in confined spaces, the HOLEVAC excels.

Safer Digging

One of the biggest concerns when digging is the potential risk of damaging underground pipes and electrical wires.

The HOLEVAC significantly reduces this risk, ensuring a safer digging experience.

With its precision and control, you can confidently dig without fear of costly and dangerous accidents.

Easy Setup

The HOLEVAC seamlessly connects to your shop vacuum for easy setup.

Clear instructions and a simple interface will have the HOLEVAC fence post digger ready for action in no time.

Focus more on the task at hand, instead of wasting valuable time on complicated tool preparation.

Package being handed to another person

We Deliver Globally!

We are committed to delivering the HOLEVAC to customers around the globe. We proudly offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that no matter where you are located, you can experience the convenience and efficiency of this amazing fence post digger.

We value our customers’ satisfaction, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment, our support team is always ready to assist you. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and pleasant shipping experience for every HOLEVAC customer.

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