Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Attach the NYLON red handle to your 2" or 2-1/2" diameter shop vacuum tube.
HOLEVAC handle attachment

Step 2

Tighten the included wing-nut firmly, using pliers or other such tool if needed.
Close up of the tightening screw on the HOLEVAC handle

Step 3 (Optional)

Secure the handle to the tube with a screw. This step is optional, but will provide a more secure handle attachment. * * * Should be secured firmly but not over tightened * * *
Secure the handle using a screw (optional)

Step 4

Insert shop vacuum hose into the red handle and connect with the tube.

Connecting the shop vac to the HOLEVAC handle

Step 5

Place the ALUMINUM jagged sleeve/bit onto the end of the vacuum tube.
Close up of the HOLEVAC digging attachment

Step 6

Apply stick-on depth indicators at the appropriate distances on the tube. These markers will allow for consistent depth for your holes.
HOLEVAC depth indicators

Step 7

Dig! Your final assembled tool will look like this picture. While digging, rotate handle in a twisting motion. Check out our usage instructions.
HOLEVAC fully assembled

Learn More About Using the HOLEVAC

Visit our Usage Instructions page for more details