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While the HOLEVAC is an ideal fence post digger, it can be used to dig holes for any purpose. As it uses the shop vacuum for excavation, it’s a very useful tool for delicate digging projects such as finding water and electrical services or gardening in tight spaces.

The versatility of the HOLEVAC extends to a wide range of applications, making it an indispensable tool for various projects.

We have seen it used mostly as a fence post digger, but can also be used for excavating deck footings, finding water and electrical services, digging holes for shrubs and bushes and digging larger holes for pole shed construction.

I think you will find that once you have one of these, it will become one of your favourite tools.

You may need to move the hole’s location somewhat. If it is only one large rock then usually you can remove the soil around it and lift it out to continue your excavation.

Use a heavy bar or rod available in most hardware stores to loosen up the area where you want to dig to loosen the earth. You may need to repeat this process, depending on soil type.

By adding extensions to the solid tube you can continue digging to the limit of the shop vacuum itself. By gradually enlarging the diameter with the suction action, holes several feet in diameter could be made.

Yes, the HOLEVAC attachment adds about one half pound or 220 grams in extra weight to the vacuum tube. Its lightness and easy to assemble and operate features, make it useable for everyone in the family.

As you become familiar with using it you will discover many uses and tricks for helping out with landscaping or construction tasks.

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The HOLEVAC costs $39.95 USD.


The wingnut needs to be tightened firmly, we recommend using pliers or similar. If this is still not adequate then there are a few other options. The handle comes with a small set-screw on the side, use the # 2 Robertson screwdriver to lock the handle on the tube. Another method is to use a heavy elastic under the handle where it fits onto the tube (similar to a vegetable band), then tighten handle onto this. This technique seems to always work well.

Secure the handle using a screw (optional)

The substrate is too moist. You may need to use a wood dowel or rod to clear the tube and hose or strike the hose and tube against the ground to break up the blockage. It only takes a short time to dig with this tool. Another possibility, is that the soil consists of small rocks which are the same diameter as the inside diameter of the tube. You may need to occasionally stop the vacuum and shake out the obstruction. Again, this is usually only a brief occurrence.