The HOLEVAC: A Tool to Dig Holes

The Story Behind the Tool

After suffering a back injury during a period of heavy work in 2012, I realized that using the old style post hole diggers just wasn’t going to work out. I still needed several more three-foot-deep holes to sink some construction posts, so with my partner, the late Heinz Hutt, we created a jagged-cutting bit and a handle as accessories to the tube of the shop vacuum.

It was an awesome success and I have literally never picked up a shovel since. Three years later, after a lot of prototypes and paperwork, we were finally able to offer a very affordable, easy-to-use and labor-saving device to dig holes.

I am confident the HOLEVAC will take the drudgery out of your yard projects!

Greg Janes
Inventor of the HOLEVAC

Illustration of the HOLEVAC post hole digger